HTCO is a leading Grade (A) Engineering Consultancy and Supervision office operating in the Middle East for more than 25 years. The company has been registered in Qatar since 2015, yet its leadership and team had been operating for years in Qatar and Egypt.
Since its inception HTCO has been establishing a reputation and a brand name within the industry due to its dedication to design excellence through applying responsible development and technological innovation resulting in world class, pioneering design solutions with international standards of quality through all project phases. The firm’s approach centers on running projects as a collaborative process with clear communication strategies, rational planning and rigorous cost controls. We pay exceptional attention to detail, desires and requirements. We listen closely to our clients’ – and respond to their aspirations.
For more than two decades our firm has been providing quality, award winning architectural and engineering solutions for some of the most interesting and exciting design challenges in our profession. Hundreds of projects around the region and worldwide, via many branches, are currently in progress in various stages ranges from concept design to final finishes and completion certificate issuance.
Side by side with our regional partners, HTCO offers a full range of services in the fields of Engineering, including master planning, architectural design, interior & furniture design, landscape design, urban design, structural and civil engineering, electromechanical engineering, and project and construction management. These services are covered through all project phases starting from project identification, initial planning and briefing, detailed design and technical documentation, tendering and bidding phases, site supervision and construction management, reaching handover and operation phase.
Throughout all project stages, HTCO applies a strict quality system, utilizing the highest standards and international codes efficiently and professionally.


HTCO has always been guided by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. We are committed to operating our company in a responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner. Our conduct earns the respect and trust of our clients, employees, partners, and peers. The design and management of all projects, regardless of scale, complexity or building typology is approached on the same basis with the following core values:

  • Our everlasting commitment to be the best in our field means we are always up-to-date with the latest proven concepts and techniques, in areas such as energy-saving, sustainability, materials and new building technologies
  • Our most precious asset is a highly qualified, supremely skilled team specialized in the entire spectrum of projects, backed by a workforce devoted to fulfilling clients’ requirements to their complete satisfaction.
  • Our strong affiliations with overseas Architectural and Engineering companies enable us to continually upgrade our technical levels, so as to competently accomplish any competitive local or international job.
  • HTCO recognizes that design excellence cannot be achieved without being serious about sustainability and serviceability. Integral with our philosophy is our commitment to designing for a sustainable future. Underpinning all of our work is a passion for the environment in every respect.

Mission Statement

In order to achieve our commitment to excellence in the fields of Engineering Consultancy, HTCO adopts the following;

  • To make a professional, efficient, profitable and creative contribution to improving the quality of life in the areas in which we work.
  • To offer innovative solutions to meet the objectives and requirements of our clients.
  • To be innovative managers and leaders in the our fields of practice.
  • To uphold the ideals of professionalism and integrity in our business dealings
  • To be always present for our clients and to work to the their benefit providing personalized and value-added services.
  • To embrace and encourage the nurturing and empowerment of our staff.

Design Approach

HTCO considers each project a unique and exciting design challenge. We approach each of our projects with a genuine sense of commitment and creativity. HTCO’s methodology of practice combines intensive research with a design approach that strives to make extraordinary services by creatively engaging the programmatic requirements, economic imperatives, and technological demands of the project at hand rather than imposing a predetermined form or style on a given set of conditions.

Over time we have developed a unique process of Integrated Design. This means that we value teamwork, discussion, and service based on an exceptional level of mutual trust.

We commence by opening the opportunity to fully research each project and allow the design to emerge as a response to the site and its context, the client’s brief, the users and stakeholder groups. We share and present our concepts and design development ideas to our clients and shareholders to assist them in better understanding what their project will look like when built through a range of deliverables that include high quality digital visualizations, 3D physical models, 3D animations, or hand drawn sketches.

After completing the design solutions phase we are ready to enter into the post-design planning phase. This involves creating comprehensive, high quality construction documents to ensure an accurate recording of our clients’ requirements as well as the introduction of appropriate engineering and building systems, and to encourage competitive bidding.

During the project and construction administration phase we provide support and assistance to our clients during the tendering, bidding and contract administration of the project as well as a strong involvement in the construction administration and on-site supervision till the completion of the project.

HTCO uses the latest computer aided design tools, graphic design software, and project and construction management tools from initial concepts through to contract documentation. Our IT department with our experienced computer specialists are constantly striving to bring us the latest innovations in the design and engineering fields. Our production team is proficient and regularly utilize these tools and we regularly provide training & upgrading sessions where new pioneering software is introduced and put to use.

Services & Expertise

HTCO and its partnering firms, offer a comprehensive set of services as follows:

Urban Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Master Planning
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Landscape design
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainable Design & GSAS
  • 3D visualization & Graphics
  • Workshop Drawings
Structural Engineering
  • Structural Design
  • Value Engineering
  • GRC Design
  • Rehabilitation/Repair of Existing Structures
  • Workshop Drawings
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Defense
  • HVAC
  • Electricity Systems
  • Plumbing & Water Supply
  • Safety & Security Systems
  • Energy Conservation
  • Internal Infrastructure
Project & Construction Management
  • Project/Design Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Program Management
  • Technical Specifications
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Cost Estimating
  • Tender Process
  • Contract Administration
  • Planning and Scheduling

Quality Management System

HTCO strongly believes that the most important aspect of the provision of our professional services is to maintain the highest level of Quality throughout. We are therefore committed to continuously improve the organization’s production output throughout the implementation of the Quality Management System which generates full control over company activities and projects.

HTCO is upgrading its Quality Systems Manual to meet the ISO 9001 standard methodology that includes laid down procedures with regard to the quality of our working documentation and service to Clients. This is a further step toward the continuous improvement of our deliverables, work quality, managerial awareness & skills, and customer satisfaction. In general this is achieved by structuring our internal management systems to monitor & maintain quality.

By encouraging all employees to strive for excellence in their professional duties we aim for an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and effective product that meets the needs of our Client’s. We have a policy of training and educating our staff to help them achieve job satisfaction and understand the requirements of their job and how they fit into the organization. The company invests 10% of its profit into continuing professional development for all our staff.