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We would like Congratulate all HTCO team awarding new project “Canadian school in Doha” project area

60 000 m2, contract for full consultancy services “Design and Supervision”.

Thanks Allah for this success and for all.

Consultants work best for those organizations or individuals who know what they are seeking and have clearly defined projects or objectives.

The following list provides 10 reasons why you might want to hire a business consultant.

1. To provide a “short-cut” to know-how, knowledge and information that does not exist in the organization

2. To provide a professional service that does not exist in the organization, or that is needed for a specified period of time

3. To provide solutions to specific challenges and situations

4. To validate ideas that have already been created in the organization

5. To analyze, diagnose or criticize (constructively)

6. To facilitate the search for ideas and solutions with existing team members

7. To facilitate, create and implement methodologies and systems that enhance efficiency and organization

8. To access a network of business or government contacts

9. To bring in an experienced “outsiders” evaluation and point of view

10. To present, teach or implement “new” business ideas and procedures

HTCO strongly believes that the most important aspect of the provision of our professional services is to maintain the highest level of Quality throughout. We are therefore committed to continuously improve the organization’s production output throughout the implementation of the quality management system which generates full control over company activities and projects.

HTCO is upgrading its Quality Systems Manual to meet the ISO 9001 standard methodology that includes laid down procedures with regards to the quality of our working documentation and service to Clients. This is a further step toward the continuous improvement of our deliverables, work quality, managerial awareness & skills, and customer satisfaction. In general this is achieved by structuring our internal management system to monitor & maintain quality.

By encouraging all employees to strives for excellence in their professional duties we aim for an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and effective product that meets the needs of our Client’s. We have a policy of training and educating our staff to help them achieve job satisfaction and understand the requirements of their job and how they fit into the organization. The company invest 10% of its profit into continuing professional development for all our staff.